Assateague Island Ranger Station

This permanent new building is a 3,194 sqft modular rancher design with an A-frame roof and an attached porch. The building layout includes seven offices, break room, restrooms, work areas, closets, and a visitor’s lobby area. This modular building had to architecturally blend in with the natural seashore and wildlife on a pristine barrier island. Aesthetic challenges were accomplished by utilizing asphalt shingles on the A-frame roof and a horizontal vinyl siding with many architectural vinyl accents. Additionally, the building was set above grade on a wood pile foundation and a pad mounted HVAC split-system was utilized. The covered front porch and glass vestibule really set this building apart from most buildings. They were designed and installed to look like one seamless part of the modular building. The front porch and glass vestibule make this building very inviting to the public while adding great character and depth. 

Every module unique in size; yet, once complete the modules were built together and installed seamlessly under one roof. The design includes a “two-tier” A-frame roof, with the lower roof as one complete roof section over the front porch and modular visitor’s lobby. Although custom and technical this design allowed for ninety percent of the building to be built in the factory. Located on a barrier island between the bay and ocean, hurricanes and storm surges were a major concern. The building was built to meet the required wind speed of 120 MPH at an Exposure Category D. Additionally, the building was installed 3 feet above grade on treated wood piles which is above the storm surge line. We chose to build the modules as “true modules” on wood frames and lagged the module frames to the piles at site. This required special engineering and installations for the lagging to ensure the building could handle the required wind loads.

Energy efficiency was accomplished by constructing the building with (a) R-30 insulation in the floor, (b) R-21 insulation in the exterior walls, (c) R-13 in all interior walls, (d) R-38 insulation in the roof, (e) high performance double insulated low e-clear windows, and (f) programmable thermostats. Additionally, a glass vestibule enclosure was installed at the front entrance of the covered porch to help with the buildings heat and cooling efficiency, especially with the cross winds from the bay and the ocean throughout all seasons. To ensure further heating and cooling efficiency the roof design eliminated a cathedral roof type design and included an A-frame roof that was site built and insulated. Acoustical ceiling tiles were installed on the interior ceiling to provide a professional commercial finish and to further help with the building insulation factor.

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NPS - Assateague Island - Modular Ranger Station

The National Park Service was in need of a modular ranger station. However this modular office building was required to architecturally blend in with the natural seashore and wildlife refuge on this pristine barrier island. Additionally, a natural “inviting” appearance and a permanent installation was extremely important for this project.

Modular Genius accomplished these aesthetic challenges by utilizing upgraded Virginia Slate asphalt shingles on the A-frame roof and a natural Cape Cod Gray horizontal vinyl siding with many architectural vinyl accents. Additionally, the building was set above grade on a permanent wood pile foundation and a pad mounted HVAC split-system was utilized. These attributes reinforced the natural “inviting” appearance and permanent application.


NPS - Assateague Island - Modular Ranger Station

  • Dimensions: 48' X 60'
  • Square Feet: 2,880
  • Details: Visitor Center, Offices multi stall restrooms
  • Use: National Park Rangers Station 
  • Case Study

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