Baltimore 2 Story Industrial Modular

An industrial company located in Baltimore, MD that produces liquid bitumen used in asphalt blends for road paving as well as for the roofing industry was in need of a new room locker facility. The existing locker room at the facility was dilapidated and need of replacement. A parcel of land behind the existing building was selected for the modular building. Blue steel siding was selected to match the surrounding buildings at the facility. A connecting link was constructed connecting the existing building to the new modular building. Two pre-fabricated aluminum stair towers were designed to fit within the tight space on site. Careful design planning allowed one ADA handicap ramp to be constructed beneath one of the towers. The interior of the building configured to fit within the small piece of land we had to work with.

The congested space and harsh physical environment of this industrial facility required technical innovation to construct their building thus off site modular construction made sense and was selected. Four modular sections were constructed to house the two story building. A connecting link was needed between new modular building and existing building. The first floor was constructed off site as a complete module. The second floor was constructed off site in pre-cut panels and sections do to site constraints it made better sense erect it in sections to avoid issues with utility lines and roof overhangs of the existing building. Marmoleum Natural Linoleum was selected as a high-quality flooring product made from 100% natural ingredients without any harmful VOCs or other toxic chemicals. Low E window glazing as well as siding and roofing colors insured reflective features of the building to reduce energy expenditures.

The modular building constructed by Mark Line Industries of PA along with the pre-fabricated stair towers constructed by Up Side Innovations accomplished the speed requirement of the project while staying within the cost perimeters set aside to accomplish the task. The modular sections were set in one day by Modular Genius’s installation team. A large crane was used to hoist the modules from the front of the existing building over the roof to the new building pad in the rear of the property. The pre-fabricated stair and ramp company was a key player in the success of the project. Meeting all state and local guidelines for accessibility, along with working on an extremely safety concisions site, required accurate design of the stair towers and attention to scheduled coordination of activities. This ever changing and growing industrial facility needed the flexibility and relocatability of modular in case they had to relocate the building one day to another part of the facility.


Modular Construction In Progress

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2-Story Modular Industrial Office

A North American bituminous material producer needed to expand their Baltimore Office to keep up with growing employee numbers and needs. An existing office building would be remodeled and receive the modular addition.

Modular Genius constructed a 2-story modular addition, with approximately 2,770 sqft of space. This multi-function building contains restrooms, showers and lockers, an electric instrumental shop, 2 private offices, cubicles, and plenty of storage. An interior corridor connected the modular to the existing building, along with aluminum steps and ramps for access.


Baltimore 2 Story Modular - Final Photos


Baltimore 2 Story Modular - Freight & Crane Set

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Baltimore 2 Story Modular - Demo & Foundations


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