DC Public Library - Woodridge Interim Library

A local Government agency needed an interim Library to serve the community while the existing library was being renovated. A high traffic parcel/corner lot a few blocks from the existing library was selected for the Interim Modular Library. The building was designed to blend in with the residential surroundings and in addition was oriented on site to provide easy street access to the main entrance. Stucco pattern Hardi-panel was chosen for the exterior. A pre-fabricated aluminum ADA ramp with landing and one Aluminum stair tower were designed to fit into the tight space on site.

This Modular facility captures the design requirements set forth by the client and provides the end user with easy access to desired material and technology. The Modular building utilizes steel clear span roof trusses, which eliminates interior support posts to provide a wide open floor plan. Structural loading accommodates point loads of book shelves/furniture etc. The book shelves on the perimeter of the building had open backs; which allows natural daylight from the windows to penetrate the space as opposed to being blocked if solid-back book shelves were used.

Lighting is controlled by dual level occupancy sensors “strategically” zoned throughout the building based on the functions/use of each space. The thermostats contain a remote temperature sensor which allows the system to calculate the average temp from two locations; thus ensuring the system is heating and cooling the building more efficiently instead of relying on a single location temperature reading.

The main focus of the design/build project was to provide an open area to provide space for customer’s specific FFE requirements. Modular construction allowed for the interim library to be completed offsite while parallel site construction/infrastructure activities were completed. This allowed the end user occupy the building in approximately half the time of conventional construction, thereby saving time and money. Due to the accelerated schedule, the library was able to focus on the renovation of the existing historical library building. Off- site construction methods controlled/reduced costs as the building was built using open shop labor rates as compared to client’s strict on site wage rate and business compliance policies.

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DCPL - Interim Modular Library

During renovations and new construction of a library in Washington DC, the library district needed a temporary solution for the community to access all media and events.

Modular Genius provided a 6 unit, 4,260 sqft temporary modular library. The large open floor plan allows for rows of books as well as computer workstations throughout the building. People of all ages will have access to the library with ADA aluminum ramps during the 2 years of renovations.


DC Public Library - Woodridge Interim Library

  • Dimensions: 70' x 60'
  • Square Feet: 4,200
  • Details: Offices, restroom, open area
  • Use: Temporary Library
  • Case Study

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