Glacier Bay National Park Offices

This relocatable building is 400 sqft with a pitched roof and porch; a second similar building is joined to it with a boiler room separating both buildings. The layout includes two offices, conference and restroom. This building had to architecturally blend in with the seashore and wildlife on a National Park and Preserve that spans nearly 3.3 million acres in Alaska. The units function as the office at Bartlett Cove at Glacier Bay. Aesthetic challenges were accomplished by using asphalt shingles on the pitched roof and hardiplank 6” reveal cedarmill siding with many trim accents. It was set on a wood grade beam foundation and a boiler heating system was utilized. The covered front porch and the awning overtop the south facing windows really set these buildings apart aesthetically from most buildings. They were designed and installed to look like one seamless part of the modular building. The covered porch and awning make this building very inviting and adds character.

The design of this building was critical because the access to the area was limited to boat and air. The design includes (5) 6,000 lb. overslung axles and the unit was wrapped to protect it from the intense transport via truck and barge. Located just off the Gulf of Alaska, cold weather, high winds, and storm surges were a major concern. The unit was built to meet the required wind speed of 112 mph @ exposure C and included a roof ground snow load of 144 psf (50’ elevation). The building was installed on a distinct wood grade beam foundation which is above the storm surge line. The project required the module be built on a steel perimeter frame and chassis and wheels, so NPS could relocate the unit as needed. The building foundations and porch required special engineering and installations to meet the easily relocatable application. Custom and technical design allowed for 95% of the building to be built in the factory, which was required since the site was so exclusive.

Energy efficiency was accomplished by constructing the building with (a) R-30 insulation in the floor (thermal bridged), (b) R-21 insulation in the exterior walls, (c) R-13 in all interior walls, (d) R-38 insulation in the roof, (e) high performance double insulated low e-clear windows with argon gas, and (f) a boiler heating system to include hydronic baseboard heaters with programmable thermostats. Additionally, an awning enclosure was installed at the front porch to help with the buildings heat and cooling efficiency, especially with the cross winds from the bay throughout the different seasons. To ensure further heating and cooling efficiency, all exterior doors, windows, and skylights met a minimum U-factor of 0.33. Green building materials were used throughout the construction of this building and it was designed to meet LEED Silver requirements at a minimum.

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NPS - Glacier Bay National Park Offices

A Government agency in Alaska was in need of modular offices at a remote location. Transport was not accessible by road and the buildings would need to be shipped in by barge.

Modular Genius provided two 40’ x 10’ modular office buildings that were sent from Indiana, to Seattle to Juneau, and then to the final location. The units included laminate wood flooring, conference room with a kitchenette, and a restroom. The project was completed in about 60 days. 


NPS - Glacier Bay National Park Offices

  • Dimensions: (2) 12' X 50'
  • Square Feet: 1,200
  • Details: Offices 
  • Use: National Park Rangers Station

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