Swift School Administration Building

Swift Elementary School (SES) in need of additional and better space opted to replace three old dilapidated trailers and an adjoin deck with a new upgraded 3,000 sq. ft. modular structure to house everyone under one roof. The new modular building would serve staff and students during and after school hours. The modular building would house the administrative and guidance offices during school hours and support their Kids Klub Program after school. Open work areas, restrooms, child study rooms and registration offices are also included in the space for both time periods. Concrete sidewalks and wooden ADA ramps connect the modular to the main building. SES took advantage of the accelerated modular construction delivery and installation process, making use of the latest in construction technology, modern manufacturing methodology, and off-site concurrent construction. This enabled SES to reduce their construction schedule by 25-30% versus conventional construction; and minimized their downtime and disturbance on site.

With this being an auxiliary building, the exterior had to “blend in” with the campus, but not deviate from the main school’s presence. This was accomplished by designing the exterior to include a combination of finishes such as vinyl lap siding, vinyl trim accents, 24 gauge hi-ribbed aluminum steel and simulated stacked stone vinyl skirting panels. To gain architectural style and a permanent feel, the building was constructed to include an upgraded 24” high 24 gauge hi-ribbed aluminum mansard roof with a 24” overhang at each outside wall. The exterior siding includes a small section of vertical lap siding installed at the bottom of the mansard roof and just above the skirt wall, with horizontal vinyl lap siding installed as the main exterior. Simulated stacked stone vinyl skirting panels were installed at the bottom portion of the building to grade. Working with a sloped site conditions and trying to get the building as low to grade as possible, the site was excavated and a retaining wall system with 6x6 timbers was installed in conjunction with the foundations, grade and the stacked stone vinyl skirting panels to give the building a clean finish.

Completing the new modular building as quickly as possible was important for SES, especially since it was replacing existing space. Modular construction enabled this to happen, by building the balance of the facility off-site, while the existing old trailers were being demolished & removed from the site at the same time, to include the site preparation and foundation construction. This advantage called concurrent construction saved the school time and money. Energy efficiency was accomplished by constructing the building with (a) R-19 Insulation in the floor, (b) R-13 Insulation in the exterior walls, (c) R-13 in all interior walls, (d) R-60 Insulation in the roof, and (e) energy efficient wall-hung HVAC system units with programmable thermostats. Additionally, High Performance Double Insulated Low E-Clear Windows installed to provide additional efficiency. To ensure further heating and cooling efficiency, all exterior doors were Commercial Steel Insulated Doors with Aluminum Insulated Frames.

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EHSD - Prefabricated Administrative Building

A new jersey school district in need of additional space opted for a prefabricated unit over an expensive addition to the existing building. The modular would house the administrative and guidance offices.

Modular Genius provided over 3,000 sqft of modular office space to alleviate growing pains at the elementary school. Concrete sidewalks and wooden ADA ramps connect the modular to the main building. Open areas, restrooms, child study and registration offices are included in the space.


EHSD - Prefabricated Administrative Building

  • Dimensions: 56' x 55'
  • Square Feet: 3,080
  • Details: Reception, Offices, Restrooms, Student Conference Rooms
  • Use: Administration Building
  • Case Study 



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