Pre-Owned Certified Modular Buildings - Bunk House

Pre-Owned Certified Modular Buildings go through a rigorous (5) point inspection before the sale or lease The modular buildings are checked for: Weather Tightness, Structural Integrity, Mechanical HVAC Operation, Electrical and Plumbing compliance. Repairs performed guarantee up to a 1 year limited warranty on select pre-owned certified modular buildings.

The modular buildings can be painted or sided on the exterior and the interior floor plans can be reconfigured to fit you specfic needs.

Please contact us if you want to discuss your specific project further 888-420-1113. 

Bunk House - 28' x 60' - 0837657-8

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Photos - 28' x 60' - 0837657-8


Floor Plan - 28' x 60' - 0837657-8

Square Feet: 1,680
Size: 28' X 60'

1 private room, 1 large bunk room and restrooms


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