Commercial Modular Builder

Modular Genius is a commercial modular builder and provides Design & Engineering identify value engineering cost savings which do not impact quality and streamline input between design, engineering, and production. We conduct a feasibility study on the desired property and provide site civil engineering, permits and zoning services along with Architectural and Engineering Services. We identify the most cost effective building materials, size and shape of the building based on specific customer requirements for the modular building.

Site Work Preparation starts the same time the Off Site Modular Building Construction does. Modular Genius utilizes many geographically located manufacturing facilities which can meet specific end user demands. Multiple projects can be in production at the same time in different locations which increases speed.Lean manufacturing reduces building material wastes and reduces costs. Quality control in production is overseen by in house and 3rd Party licensed inspectors for the specific state of destination.
Indoor production eliminates weather delays or damage. The foundation can be prepared while the building is in production off site at the manufacturing facility. Building Installation - 40% FASTER THAN TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCTION

Building Scheduling Plans and tracks timelines and critical paths for optimum project performance.
Delivery of the modular building comes in sections traveling over the road from the production plant to the site in 1-2 days of travel. Modular sections are positioned onto the foundation with a crane or truck and sections are seamed together. Site preparation such as utility and telecommunications infrastructure are tied into the modular building. MILCON government Force protection requirements are started at the manufacturing facility and finished at site. Sidewalks, Landscaping, Parking and signage are completed simultaneously as furniture and communications are completed inside.

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