Finance Modular Buildings

Below are definitions of different types of transactions in which we can assist you.


  • A sale transaction which a customer purchases the modular building project for a fixed amount.

Finance Lease

  • 100% financing of the modular building or the entire project allowing the customer to complete the investment without capital outlay.
  • At the end of a fixed finance lease term the leasee "customer" can acquire the modular building for a $1 and the ownership of the modular buildings transfers to the leasee.

Operating Lease

  • A leasee "customer" makes rental payments for a fixed lease term, during which no equity accrues on the asset.
  • At the end of the lease term: The customer may renew the lease, return the modular building or it can be purchased at future fair market value.

Municipal Lease Purchase

  • This type of lease if for Government agencys that have the intent to purchase and take title to the modular building.
  • The financing is a full payout contract with no significant residual or balloon payments at the end of the lease term.
  • The lease payments include the return of principal and interest, with the interest being exempt from income taxation.
  • The Municipal Lease provides for termination for non-appropriation of funds by the Government Agency

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