Floorless Modular Buildings

Floorless modular buildings are constructed off site at one of our manufacturing facilities. While in production the site is prepared just like traditional construction with a concrete slab on grade. The modular sections are delivered to the site and installed on the concrete slab foundation. 

Our modular buildings are built at one of our manufacturing facilities closest to your site.

Please contact us if you want to discuss your specific project further 888-420-1113. 

Floor Plans - Floorless Modular Buildings

The floor plans below are examples of floorless modular buildings provided by Modular Genius and Whitley Manufacturing and are such copyrighted material.

  • A Concrete slab on grade is poured.
  • Modular Sections are built off site at a the manufacturer with walls and a roof.
  • Modular Sections are transported to site by a carrier.
  • Modular Sections are removed from the carrier with a crane and positioned on the slab.
  • Save time and money build modular!


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34,000 Sq Ft - Floorless Modular Building - Example

  • 34,000 Sq Ft
  • Education - Classrooms


10,000 Sq Ft - Two Story Floorless Modular Building - Example

  • 10,000 Sq Ft
  • Education Classrooms


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