Case Studies - Modular Wall Partitions

The following Modular Walls Partition case studies highlight some modular building projects we are proud to present. Each project had a particular challenge Modular Genius was faced with. The challenge the customer presented was either speed, time or quality. Modular Genius solved each challege with a solution to meet the customers expectations.

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Case Study: In Plant Modular Wall Partitions

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Bass - Modular Wall Partition

A warehouse company located in Baltimore was in need of some internal office space, and quickly. They needed these offices to be flush to the existing floors, and provide visual access to the warehouse floor.

Modular Genius designed and engineered an in plant office for this local business using modular partitions or walls. As seen these walls can include large vision panels and windows for management officials to keep an eye out on the floor, and watch for employee safety.


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