Modular Builders

Modular Genius, Inc is a Modular Building Institute (MBI) award winning modular builder. Having been awarded a best in show, two first place awards for healthcare facilities, an award for one of their permanent facilities, honorable mentions for a permanent special application, temporary single wide, and an education facility, Modular Genius is fully capable of building your modular building.

Modular builders specialize in sectional prefabricated commercial buildings. These buildings are manufactured in a large facility then delivered to the intended site. The facilities these are built in utilize high tech assembly lines in order to perfect the speed this industry demands.

Modular builders have become more popular in the past few years due to a few key points. For starters the speed and efficiency mentioned above define this industry and the modular type of construction. Also the construction itself is completed in weather and temperature controlled environment, allowing all materials to be as strong as possible at the completion of construction. Modular builders are also more environmentally conscious due to the decline in waste produced by modular builders compared to traditional builders.

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