Modular Cabins

Modular cabins are also known as modular learning cottages. These modular cabins are not only practical, but they provide a solution to the challenge of providing enough classroom space for overpopulated or outright growing school districts. School districts are usually seeking cost efficient solutions, along with a timely one. No school district has time to go through a traditional addition. Therefore, modular cabins come into play, and provide that quick yet cost efficient product.

In addition to being used strictly for learning and classroom space, modular cabins can also be expanded and used from school administration offices, media rooms, cafeteria space, libraries, and even restroom facilities. These modular cabins can be built standard or custom, and can conform to the needs of the particular school, or school district depending on what those needs may be.

Modular Cabins have also been used at places of worship to extend their capability to outreach into the community. The assembly modular cabins have been used for bible studies, youth group gatherings, daycare service during worship, and Sunday school classes.

Whether your need lies in a simple individual modular cabin, or a complex facility, Modular Genius has your specific modular solution.

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