Modular Classroom

Modular Genius has supplied a countless amount of modular classrooms, mainly concentrated along the Mid Atlantic region. A modular classroom could be used for a multitude of purposes; young child development, a daycare classroom/facility, young adult center, driver’s education courses and classes, religious learning purposes, and the list could go on. A classroom does not need to be specifically or only for lower level education purposes. Modular classrooms are a smart way to expand due to the limitless possibilities and options with floor plans and design. They can be a standard floor plan with two or ‘x’ amount of classrooms, and restrooms. Or the modular classroom could come from one of our Custom Floor Plans where the floor plan itself is developed by the customer to fit their current needs. Modular classrooms are being more popular due to the quick expansion of school districts and limited funding. These classrooms have also been known to be called Learning Cottages, but they are all the same type of construction that can be permanent or temporary depending on the need. These classrooms are safe, and an effective way to help a school district continue to teach, or to help a church expand their youth group area. There is no limit to the uses of these modulars.

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