Modular Green Build Specifications

Smart Modular Building Upgrades Which Favor Green Building

Below is a list of features and benefits that may lower utility bills and create healthier and more comfortable green modular building environments.

Product Feature Benefit
High Performance Lights T-8 lighting with continuous dimming ballasts ensures high light levels, but low energy use
Low or no-VOC materials Low or no-VOC materials, finishes and paints help keep classrooms healthier
Day Lighting More windows and sky lights provide natural light that increases student performance
Energy Star Windows Low-E coating, U-values of 0.31 or less, and solar heat gain co-efficient of 0.38, keep building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
Efficient Heat Pump with Energy Recovery Wheel A high efficient unit uses less energy while providing greater comfort
Programmable thermostats Computerized controls save energy and provide greater comfort.
Increased Insulation Higher insulation levels in Ceiling (R-30) Walls (R-19) Floors (R-25)

Modular Green Build Specifications

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Specifications - GREEN

The following Modular Genius modular building specifications are our GREEN favored building materials with an emphasis on sustainability, recycled content, and energy conservation.


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