Modular Library Building

Modular Genius can provide a Modular Library Building for both public and private industry.

The modular buildings are ideal for modular libraries, community meeting centers, and more. These modular buildings are a smart, fast way to expand with limitless possibilities and options of floor plans and designs. The floor plans include information desks, computer work stations, shelving units, areas for book check out and return, catalog sorting, study areas, meeting spaces and children reading spaces.

Our modular buildings are built at one of our manufacturing facilities closest to your site.

Please contact us if you want to discuss your specific project further 888-420-1113. 

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DCPL - Interim Modular Library

During renovations and new construction of a library in Washington DC, the library district needed a temporary solution for the community to access all media and events.

Modular Genius provided a 6 unit, 4,260 sqft temporary modular library. The large open floor plan allows for rows of books as well as computer workstations throughout the building. People of all ages will have access to the library with ADA aluminum ramps during the 2 years of renovations.


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