Modular MRI Buildings

Modular Genius also has reached out to the growing healthcare industry. Not only are they capable of providing the standard modular healthcare building, and emergency care centers, or mobile laboratories, but they can even provide modular MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) buildings. Modular Genius not only can customize the MRI building needed, but can also provide used MRI buildings, which are listed in Available Buildings’ on the homepage.

Many believe modular’s cannot be manufactured or built to handle a MRI machine due to the magnetic capacity of the machine. An MRI does not use ionizing radiation, but a powerful magnetic field to align the magnetization of some atoms in the body. Due to that magnetic field the modular walls have to be constructed a certain way in order to not disturb the machines abilities to take the appropriate image.

With the healthcare industry being extremely fast pace, and constantly changing let alone expanding, modulars are ideal for any type of growth or immediately needed construction. With the demanding schedules of medical personnel, the modular construction industry is ideal due to our timely construction methods. When there is an emergency with space allowed and space that is needed, modular’s can quickly and efficiently create that space that is so desperately needed. That extra space could be just emergency care, or something as intricate and specific as a separate MRI building. 

Floor Plan - Modular MRI Building

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28' X 42' MRI Modular Building

  • Scan Room
  • Control Room
  • Waiting Room
  • 2 Dressing Rooms
  • Storage
  • Equipment Room 


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