Modular Scale House

Modular Genius has supplied a countless amount of modular scale houses for both public and private industry. A modular scale house can mobile or permanent. It can be used for a multitude of purposes; truck scales, weigh stations for mining. The modular buildings are a smart, fast way to expand with limitless possibilities and options of floor plans and designs.

Please view our standard floor plans below. If you do not see what you want you can view a varify of custom floor plan designs created by our customers to fit there specific needs.

Our modular buildings are built a one of our manufacturing facilities closest to your site.

Please contact us if you want to discuss your specific project further 888-420-1113. 

Floor Plans - Scale House

 The floor plans below are modular building templates provided by Modular Genius and are as such copyrighted material.

File Description View

Drawing SH1a

Square Feet: 240
Size: 10' X 24


Drawing SH1d

Square Feet: 360
Size: 12' X 30'


Drawing SH1b

Square Feet: 300
Size: 10' X 30


Drawing SH1c

Square Feet: 288
Size: 12' X 24'


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