Type VB - Wood Construction

International Building Code Type VB Combustible Unprotected Wood Construction. 

With 30' of clearance on all 4 sides of the building known as "frontage" the following size buildings can be considered. If frontage is not available then the building would need to be protected with a sprinker.

  • 15,750 sq ft with frontage only 1 or 2 stories
  • 27,000 sq ft with sprinkler only 2 or more stories
  • 33,750 sq ft wiht frontage & sprinkler 2 or more stories
  • 36,000 sq ft with sprinker only 1 story
  • 42,750 sq ft with frontage & sprinkler 1 story

Please review the standard cross sections of this type of construction. 

Technical Drawing - Type VB - Wood Construction

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Type VB - Wood Construction


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