Press Release


Best of Show - Temporary Modular
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Main Category: Modular Building Design
Category: Temporary: Single-Wide: any square footage
Company: Modular Genius, Inc.
Affiliate: Mobile/Modular Express
Location: Norfolk, VA
Building Use: Kitchen, Dressing Room, & Office
Average Size of Modules: 14' x 54' x 14'
Total Square Feet: 756 sq. ft.
Days to complete: 61


Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence

    A revitalization effort in downtown Norfolk Virginia has culminated with Festevents at Town Point Park. Norfolk Festevents Ltd. is dedicated to producing city celebrations including premier concerts, festivals, tall ship visits, and special events on behalf of the City of Norfolk. Festevents, has garnered international acclaim for its outstanding quality programming. The success and growth of the program has lead to the requirement of on-site office space. Because downtown Norfolk is prone to heavy hurricane winds and flooding, the new Festevents offices needed the ability to be relocated in case of severe weather while also considering the high profile character of the grounds. Modular Genius, Mobile Modular Express and MMM Design Group worked together in designing the building to accommodate all of the requirements (office space, restrooms, kitchen area, and dressing rooms) in a limited space while maintaining a modern, upscale appearance for a temporary structure.

  2. Technical Innovation

    To present a contemporary, upscale appearance for the temporary structure, the building exterior walls were constructed with Kalwall – a high performance translucent wall panel. The Kalwall panels were used in place of studs and insulation to allow natural light to fill each room. Because the wall panels are not load bearing, there was careful consideration in engineering the support of the roof. The support was accomplished by erecting steel columns from the frame to the roof in load bearing areas while accommodating the typical Kalwall panel sizes. In the interior, custom stainless steel cabinetry and equipment was fitted in a 14’ x 12’ room that met all of the kitchen requirements yet still maintained a high end appearance. Custom cabinets and desks were also installed in the office spaces.

  3. Cost Effectiveness/Energy Efficiency

    The Kalwall translucent wall panels allow natural light to be used instead of using electric lighting. While considering the cost savings recognized with regard to lighting, the wall panels are also air tight and mold resistant. The Kalwall panels require and absolute minimum of maintenance so the building will continue to look fresh and new for years to come without cost. In addition to the innovative design of the modular building, careful consideration was taken in design of the aluminum access system and skirting. A wire mesh was used in place of pickets in the aluminum platform and ramp system so that the view of the building was not obstructed. A plastic fabric was used as skirting to hide the temporary foundation and anchoring. All components of the project are modular and reusable due to the fact that the building will be relocated in the event of severe weather.

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