Press Release


First Place Permanent Modular
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Main Category: Modular Building Design
Category: Permanent: Office: under 10,000 sq. ft.
Company: Acton Mobile Industries
Affiliate: Modular Genius, Inc. /Whitley Manufacturing, Inc.
Location: Colonial Heights, VA
Building Use: Business-Branch Office Building
Average Size of Modules: 14' x 70' x 15'
Total Square Feet: 2940 sq. ft.
Days to complete: 97


Award Criteria

  1. Architectural Excellence

    Acton's new office was designed as a permanent building to support the Richmond Branch operation. Acton required a building that would architecturally match its new, adjacent pre-engineered steel service building. Acton also had to make sure that the building met the industrial park's strict, high-end building covenant requirements. Appearance and functionality were extremely important. These challenges were overcome by utilizing upgraded stucco siding with accents added to dress-up the building. The building was set at grade on a perimeter wall foundation, and a pad mounted HVAC split-system was utilized. These attributes reinforced the permanent application and allowed for ease of access into the building. The accents include keystones above the windows, quoins at all building corners, and a mansard roof that includes raised top and bottom accent bands. These accents added great character and depth to the building.

  2. Technical Innovation

    In order to guarantee the highest level of quality and weather-tight exterior finish, the EIFS/Stucco base coat was installed at the manufacturing plant by an EIFS/Stucco certified installer. This application included an upgraded sheathing material that was installed at and around all door, window and other rough openings. The mesh was wrapped at each location and then the windows, doors and other opening items were installed. Finally, approved flashing was installed around all doors windows and other openings. The same process was used at each mate-line. The foam board was put over this base, flashing was installed and two final coats of EIFS/Stucco was installed on site. The EIFS/Stucco was colored to match Acton's company colors. For optimal water run-off, internal roof gutters and down spouts were installed in the building with emergency scuppers installed at the roof. The downspouts are connected to the foundation drain-tile piping system and run to the SWM run-off area.

  3. Cost Effectiveness/Energy Efficiency

    Approximately 90% of the building was factory-built, including the majority of the mechanical system, leaving only minimal minor finish work to be completed on-site. This proved to be positive logistically and a major cost and time savings. Energy efficiency was accomplished by constructing the building with (a) R-22 insulation and 20 gauge galvanized bottom board in the floor, (b) R-19 insulation in the exterior walls, (c) R-11 in the interior walls, (d) R-22 in the roof, (e) high performance double insulated Low E-Clear windows, (f) programmable thermostats, and (g) upgraded crawlspace fans with a central programmable termostat/de-humid-stat. The exterior EIFS/Stucco siding added approximately R-5 to the exterior insulation, giving the exterior an overall R-24 insulation value. A white EPDM rubber 1-piece membrane was installed on the roof, in lieu of black. Additionally, the EPDM roof material was wrapped up and over the mansard roof line.

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