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KPN & Modular Genius
Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Together with the Keystone Purchasing Network, we can provide time and money-saving solutions for school districts, higher educational institutions, local government, and other nonprofit agencies. Use this opportunity to receive better pricing that is publicly and competetivly bid through a sealed bid process.

Please contact us at 888-420-1113 or

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Join now to receive benefits such as:
• No administrative fees or surcharges assessed to members
• Volume discount pricing on quality products and services
• Bidding on behalf of members eliminates duplication of the local bidding process
• Saves time and the cost of the individual bid process
• Streamlined procurement process
• Dedicated vendor representatives who assure satisfaction
• Notifications of additional discounts and savings programs

Spaces & Services by Modular Genius:
• Classrooms
• Concrete & Masonry
• Dormitories
• Metals, Woods, & Plastics
• Locker rooms
• Thermal & Moisture
• Relocations
• Doors & Windows
• Assembly
• Furnishings
• Government
• Special Construction
• Site Construction
• Design, Pre-Planning

KPN Contract #201203-4

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