Press Release


Maryland Modular Office Space
Date: Monday, March 03, 2014

Modular Genius, Inc. offers modular office space not only in Maryland but to all 50 states. We provide modular building services such as delivery and installation on your land. We can provide modular office buildings with furniture, furnishings and equipment.

Modular Genius, Inc. offers the following modular building services

  1. Provide office trailers, modular building and modular classroom rentals or sales.
  2. Help you decide which prefabricated modular building floor plan works for you.
  3. You pick the materials, colors and designs for your custom or instock modular office space.
  4. Obtain a mobile modular building permit.
  5. Make electrical and plumbing connections to your modular buildings.
  6. Provide site work such as concrete sidewalks, pre-fabricated aluminum ramps and steps

Contact us today 888-420-1113.

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