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modular cabins needed for private school
Date: Monday, November 01, 2010

Immaculate Conception

A private school was running out of space and in need of two additional classrooms.  The school is located next to a bridge which is the main entrance into a small rural town. The towns zoning was unsure of the modular buildings looks. The exterior appearance of the new modular building needed to ethically blend in. Stucco cement siding was selected and painted earth tones to complement the campus and surrounding buildings. The modular building was positioned in the corner or an L shaped building. Prefabricated aluminum ramps were chosen over wood for visual quality. A shared platform on the ramp gained handicap egress to the two classrooms. There were two separate exterior secondary exits. Bollards were positioned around the building to insure safety.
The modular building arrived to site completed with papered drywall, textured drywall ceiling, vinyl composite floor tile, windows and doors hung. The HVAC system was positioned with two units opposite ends of each other to maintain optimum functionality. The electric panel was installed on the side of the building closest to the electric room at the school to insure the shortest travel distance for power. Marker and tack boards were installed at the factory to reduce labor costs in the field.
The choice of modular was made so the site work could be started the same time the modules were produced off site. EDPM roofing, poly wrap with cement siding and R-30 roof insulation insured shelter from the elements as well as heat loss / gain in the building was maintained.  Insulated steel doors and large double pane windows with low-e glazing where choose to bring natural light into the space. High performance lighting such as T-8 lighting with continuous dimming ballasts ensures high light levels, but low energy use. The school was on a tight budget so the choice was made to purchase previously used prefabricated aluminum ramps and steps from the Modular Genius leasing inventory verse purchasing new. The aluminum product looks brand new since it only had one year of use. The school was also considering the ease of relocatability of this modular once they gathered the funds for an addition to the school.

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