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modular police station
Date: Monday, November 08, 2010

Intercounty Connector

A highway connecting two counties in Maryland is under construction. In addition, a permanent police station is being designed for the vicinity. While the new station is under construction a temporary facility is required for the officers that will be patrolling the new corridor. Modular Genius provided 2,160 SF temporary triple wide modular utilizing (3) 12’ x 60’ modules. The temporary structure serves as a full service police station inclusive of a detention area with holding cells. Hi Ribbed steel was used for the exterior to match the surrounding structures. The interior of the building has 9 foot high finished acoustic tile ceilings and painted drywall to accomplish a permanent look and feel.

The holding cells in the detention area are custom made steel chambers that were required to be site installed. The holding cells were fabricated by JailCraft. All of the plumbing, lighting and duct work had to be carefully coordinated with the Modular Genius, Mobile Modular Express and Jailcraft so that the fixtures could be site installed upon completion of the cells. The fixtures included penal grade toilets that slid into place perfectly.
Modular Genius and Mobile Modular Express designed the building with one interior main distribution panel with crossovers at the matelines instead of individual subpanels and feeders running to an unsightly exterior MDP. This design eliminated the additional costs of panels and feeders while eliminating the potential risk of an accessible exterior panel.
Upon completion of the perminant facility, the state intends to relocate the modular building to be used as general office and/or classroom space. The State recognizes the cost savings and reusable advantage of modular construction.

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