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Modular Schools - SEED School
Date: Tuesday, November 09, 2010

SEED School
The SEED School of Maryland is a statewide college-preparatory public boarding school. While renovating an abandon high school, the program required a temporary facility to serve as classrooms, library, cafeteria and staff offices. (26) 12’ X 60’ modules were used to provide 18,720 SF space. The modules were installed in a horseshoe configuration in order to accommodate the site limitations of the campus. The customer was delighted that interior of the building had the look and feel of a permanent facility while remaining a temporary structure that will be relocated.
The modular building permit was obtained in June 2010. The modular building project needed to be completed for students arriving in late August 2010 for the upcoming school year. The fabrication of the building took place while the permit was being obtained to maintain the completion date. In order to expedite the installation process a 165 ton crane was utilized to rough set all (26) modules in 2 days. This allowed multiple finishing crews to work on the building simultaneously. 
The horseshoe configuration demanded a series of concealed gutters and downspouts for proper water drainage while preserving the requirement for reuse. While considering the unusual configuration, the building was designed to be separated into separate smaller buildings that can be used independently.


Budget cuts and funding constraints due to the downturn in the economy forced a slowdown in the renovation of the abandon high school. In order to keep the projects mission on target, modular construction was utilized to fulfill the program goals of increasing enrollment. While utilizing the facility for SEED School in Baltimore, the building was designed and is planned to be relocated and utilized for the initial phase of other SEED School programs in the mid Atlantic area. The reuse of the building will save the program significant future start up cost.

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