Press Release


Permanent: Special Application - HONORABLE MENTION Award
Date: Monday, May 18, 2009


Modular Genius wins an HONORABLE MENTION AWARD at the 2009 Annual Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction Contest.

HONORABLE MENTION: University of Maryland

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Main Category: Modular Building Design
Category: Permanent: Special Application: any square footage
Company: Modular Genius, Inc.
Affiliate: Mobile/Modular Express
Location: College Park, MD
Building Use: Stadium Pressbox Bldg
Average Size of Modules: 14' x 50' x 14'
Total Square Feet: 700 sq. ft.
Days to complete: 42

Award Criteria


  1. Architectural Excellence

    University of Maryland’s (UMD) new Ludwig Field Stadium Pressbox Building was designed as a permanent building. The design includes four separate rooms to house the announcers & sports team staff, TV & Radio Media Personnel, and VIP’s. Due to UMD’s Architectural Covenants, the exterior had to meet very specific specifications and “blend in” with the campus. This was accomplished with the use of horizontal lap hardi-panel stucco siding and powder-coated steel rooftop railings. Additionally, the pressbox building had to be placed on the top of the existing stadium decking and seats, with a final product looking “seamless” to the existing structures. All the building and installation materials were carefully chosen to blend-in with the existing aluminum steps, steel rails, and brick facade and brick walkways. Most impressive are the interior and exterior finish color combinations that compliment one-another, while meeting the campus architectural requirements and UMD school

  2. Technical Innovation

    A cantilever foundation system was engineered and installed in order to accommodate the pressbox building being placed on the top of the existing stadium decking and seats. This foundation allowed the building to sit on top of the existing structure with minimal disturbance and gave the best field of vision from the pressbox seating. Aluminum steps, decks and railings were designed, built and attached to the building, existing bleachers and decks, such that they gave a seamless and complete finish between the new building and existing structure assemblies. The rooftop design was unique, such that it was engineered to meet a 150 p.s.f. live load and hold several people at one time. This was designed to meet the requirement of a rooftop video standing area for the media. Special non-slip rooftop walk-pads were also installed on the rooftop for safety. Powered-coated handrails were also installed on the rooftop, with an exterior ladder, to final the rooftop media area.

  3. Cost Effectiveness/Energy Efficiency

    With much activity going on at the UMD Campus, they required as little site disturbance as possible. Therefore, the building was designed such that ninety-five percent of the building was factory-built, including the mechanical system, rooftop assemblies, countertops, and all other finishes & fixtures. Leaving minimal finish work to be completed after the building was set at site. This proved to be a major project cost and time savings for UMD. Energy efficiency has accomplished by constructing the building with (a) R-19 Insulation and 30 gauge galvanized bottom board in the floor, (b) R-19 Insulation in the exterior walls, (c) R-22 Insulation in the roof, (d) High performance Low E-Clear Windows, (e) Programmable Thermostats, and (f) upgraded crawlspace fans with a central programmable thermostat. Completing the pressbox building as quickly as possible was important for UMD because they had upcoming sporting events starting in the spring.



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