Prefabricated Cabins

Prefabricated cabins actually have many names; mobile classrooms, temporary classrooms, learning cottages, and modular classrooms. Regardless of what the name is these prefabricated cabins have a great advantage to traditional buildings and construction. Not only are they usually more cost efficient, but they can be prefabricated and constructed quicker than traditional construction. Not only does this help the construction time line, but also the construction budget.
The prefabricated cabins are also a great addition to any school, in any school system. They have the option of being temporary, yet they can also be built to a permanent standard. Many schools are reciving budget cutbacks which leave little if any budget for expanding or construction. Modular Genius not only offers reasonably priced modular cabins, but also different finance options.
Regardless of what the needs are, Modular Genius is the company that will be able to fulfill them, despite the road bumps along the way.

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