Case Studies - Enclosures - Tall Ceiling Modular Buildings

The following tall ceiling modular buildings idea for Cafeterias, Gymnasiums, Auditoriums,Warehouses, Industrial Buildings, Storage and much more. These buildings are built off site and delivered to the jobsite by truck. They are lifted into place and installed on a concrete slab in sections. case studies highlight some modular building projects we are proud to present. Each project had a particular challenge Modular Genius was faced with. The challenge the customer presented was either speed, time or quality. Modular Genius solved each challege with a solution to meet the customers expectations.

View a Video of the tall ceiling modular building being test lifted into place before shipment.

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Case Studies: Tall Ceiling Modular Buildings

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Modular Utility Plant (MUP)

A large construction company was in need of a modular equipment and mechanical shed to support new construction and renovation at a federal site.

Modular Genius provided a permanent 3,000 sq ft insulated steel building with rolling doors for large equipment access. While construction continued, Modular Genius installed the structure with little interference.


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