Temporary Classrooms

Temporary classrooms are an excellent solution for a growing or expanding school district.  

As the name implies, we're discussing temporary facilities, but classrooms can also be permanent and installed on a permanent foundation. If you know your student enrollment will decrease, or you only need extra space for a limited time, however, prefabricated classrooms are a great way to avoid committing to a permanent facility you simply don’t need. 

Modular classrooms are simple to design, straightforward to install, and can be added onto at any time. Start with two single modules, for example, and, when enrollment starts to grow, add two more, converting the singles into standard double-wide classrooms for two times the space. 

Temporary Classrooms

In addition to classrooms, public and private school campuses can benefit from countless other uses for modular buildings, including:  

  • School administrative offices

  • Student dormitories

  • Cafeterias and kitchens

  • Teacher lounges

  • Libraries and bookstores

  • Computer and science labs

  • Gymnasiums

  • Restrooms and shower facilities

  • Locker rooms

  • Storage space

  • Daycare facilities for employees and staff

Advantages of Modular Classrooms

Your ready-to-use classroom space can be delivered quickly and requires minimal site preparation. This expedited set-up and delivery is especially important if your institution has a strict occupancy deadline or wants to minimize disruption while construction is going on. 

The primary difference between modular classrooms and conventional stick-built classrooms is the way they are constructed.  Prefabricated modules are built in a factory at the same time that site preparations (foundation and grading) are underway, resulting in significant time savings. 

Plumbing and electrical wiring are pre-installed, and quality control is completed before the modules are delivered to the site when about 90 percent complete. Consequently, customers can generally occupy a modular classroom or other building about 50 percent sooner than a traditionally built building. 

Portable classrooms are built to the same standards and adhere to the same building and occupancy codes as conventionally built classrooms. They are also equally durable. In fact, because they must be transported by truck to the construction site and put in place by cranes, extra attention is paid to their ability to withstand wind and poor weather along the way. 

With proper care and maintenance, temporary classrooms can last 25 to 30 years, and may last longer when permanently installed. 

Why Choose Modular Genius 

Modular Genius specializes in design-to-occupancy prefab classrooms and school buildings for elementary and high schools, colleges, universities and trade schools. 

Evidence of our modular building expertise includes many Awards of Distinction from the Modular Building Institute for high-quality temporary and permanent classroom projects we’ve completed in the past decade. 

Modular Genius is a turnkey modular building contractor. With an experienced team of designers, engineers, project managers and field superintendents, we can also serve as general contractor for all aspects of your modular construction process. 

Services include architectural renderings, building foundations and site preparation, doors, windows and hardware, masonry, interior and exterior finishing, paving and landscaping, ramps and steps, and other elements affecting schools, such as temperature and sound control and handicapped accessibility.

Please feel free to take a look at our temporary and permanent classroom floor plans, as well as the custom modular classroom floor plans which customers have designed to meet their unique needs. Then get in touch with Modular Genius at (888) 420-1113 to fast-track your need for more space.


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